ALARM INSTRUMENT INV T Laresche No. 1042 Retailer: Galerie de Valois Palais Royal No. 164 Ca. 1850



Marked INV T LARESCHE NO. 1042
RETAILER: GALERIE DE VALOIS PALAIS ROYAL NO. 164. Circa 1850                                                                                      France


The alarm is driven by a spring in a spring barrel.

The brass case has a silvered-brass spring barrel, which is engraved with the signature of the inventor: INV T Laresche No. 1042. On the top plate of the spring barrel is a plaque with the retailer’s name: Galerie de Valois Palais Royal No. 164. On the opposite side is an alarm disc with Arabic numerals. The alarm time can be set by a blued-steel pointer. Next to the spring barrel is a green-felt covered porte montre (disc to hold a watch). Under this disc is a bell. The alarm hammer is situated under the bottom plate of the spring barrel. The whole rests on two shaped brass feet and on the bell support on the opposite side.

Setting the alarm time
The alarm time is set by calculating the number of hours after which one would like it to go off. For instance, if it is 10 o’clock in the evening and the owner wants to be woken up at 7 o’clock in the morning, the alarm pointer should be turned to 9 (nine hours later). By placing the winding key into the hole, the alarm disc can be turned anticlockwise, together with the pointer, which will then run back to 0, the point when the alarm goes off. The winding key is situated near the 7.

Height  ±5.5 cm                                                                                                                                                       Width 10.5 cm                                                                                                                                                         Depth 6.5 cm

*Price € 5500

Travelling case
The alarm can be put into a custom-made wooden case;
dimensions: H 6.5 x W 12 x D 7.8 cm.



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