FRENCH BAROMETER AND THERMOMETER PAIR BY Par Pixii, Neveu et Succ.r de Dumotiez, Rue du Jardinet No. 2 à Paris Ca. 1830 France

Chronometers & Barometers


Signed: Par Pixii, Neveu et Succ.r de Dumotiez,
Rue du Jardinet No. 2 à Paris
Circa 1830

The barometer has a silvered brass register plate. It has a barometer scale left and right of the Torricelli tube at the top, calibrated from 26 to 30 Paris inches, subdivided in twelfths, with on the left-hand side the corresponding weather conditions. There is a vernier with a blued-steel setting hand for accurate reading, which can be operated by a knob at the bottom of the vernier. The barometer is signed at the top of the register plate in the following manner Baromètre par Pixii Neveu et Succ.r de Dumotiez, Rue du Jardinet No. 2 à Paris. On the left-hand side, below the weather conditions are two dates: 22 Novembre 1768 and 24 Decembre 1821, which refer to two extremely low atmospheric pressures recorded up to then.

The alcohol thermometer has just like the barometer a silvered register plate, on the left-hand side calibrated in degrees Centigrade and opposite in degrees Réaumur. A number of minima and maxima with the corresponding places and years are engraved, such as Paris in 1740 -12.5ºC and Petersbourg -26ºC. The coldest temperature recorded was in Moscou, -31 ºC, whilst the hottest was in Syrie, 62.5 ºC . The thermometer is also signed: Thermomètre par Pixii Neveu et Succ.r de Dumotiez Rue du Jardinet No. 2 à Paris. The register plates are embellished with engravings in the corners, depicting flowers around the screws with which the plates are attached to the cases, as well as border engravings.

Both mahogany-veneered cases have mouldings at the top. The large barometer reservoir, characteristic of French barometers, is protected by beautiful firegilt cast-brass ornaments. The thermometer reservoir is protected by a pierced firegilt cast brass ornament, having a star in the middle.

Height 109 cm
Width 15.5 cm
Depth 6 cm

*Price on request.

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The maker
Nicolas-Constant Pixii-Dumotiez was born in 1776 and was active as an instrument maker in Paris at Rue du Jardinet 2 from 1800 to 1860. He took over the business of his cousins Louis-Joseph en Pierre-François in 1815. His son Antoine-Hyppolyte (1808-1835) worked in his father’s business for a while. Nicolas Pixii died in 1861.

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