TELLERUHR Christoff Schoener Fecit Augusta Ca. 1685 Germany

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Signed: Christoff Schoener Fecit Augusta
Circa 1685

This ‘Telleruhr’ has a round spring-driven, firegilt plated movement consists of going and striking trains. The going train has a chain fusee, verge escapement and a so-called ‘Kuhschwanzpendel’ (cow tail pendulum). The striking is regulated by a countwheel and indicates the hours fully on a bell. The movement is wound from the back.

The chased firegilt dial plate has a pewter chapter ring. It has Roman hour numerals and engraved half-hour divisions. The quarter hours are indicated by twelve times Arabic numerals 1-4 on the outer track. The time is indicated by a single blued steel hand. Above the chapter ring is the pivot cock of the Kuhschwanzpendel. The maker has signed the dial in the middle Christoff Schoener Fecit Augusta. The richly scrolling letters embellish the rest of the centre.

The chased firegilt brass dial from this ‘Telleruhr’ is mounted on an iron base, behind which the movement is situated. The back is painted in scrolling vine and leaf motifs. The movement is protected by the bell, which is attached to the edge. Together they form the door in front of the backplate. It is embellished with scrolling leaf motifs whilst the top depicts a flower. The dial is surmounted by a suspensions eye with which the clock can be hung on the wall.

Duration 30 hours

Height 40 cm.
Depth 12 cm.

*Price € 18500

Literature: J. Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst, Wuppertal, 2010, p. 566.

The maker
Christoph Schöner/Schönner/Schoener/ Scheuer was active as a clockmaker in Augsburg. He was born in Vienna before 1660, married in 1681 and was master in the same year. He died on 18 March 1709.

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