GOTHIC IRON WALL CLOCK polychroom Ca. 1580 Germany

Iron wall clocks Wall clocks


Circa 1580

The weight-driven, day-going iron movement is constructed between iron bars and consists of going and striking trains, as well as alarm. The going train has a vertical verge escapement with balance wheel, situated between two top plates. The hour striking is regulated by a count wheel.

The arched polychrome dial has a Gothic chapter ring with lozenge half-hour divisions. The time is indicated by a single shaped iron hand. The hand is attached to a polychrome wheel with star motif, which is also the alarm disc. To set the alarm a pin is put in one of twelve holes marked by an Arabic numeral. The corners are embellished by painted scroll motifs.

The polychrome case has a mainly yellow appearance, embellished with scroll and floral motifs, accentuated by gildings. The bell is situated on top of the case behind the arch, whilst there are doors to the sides giving access to the movement.

Duration 1 day

Height: 34 cm.
Width: 11.5 cm.
Depth: 12.5 cm.


Literature                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 –Horloges Gothiques, Musée d’Horlogerie Le Locle, p. 67.
-Lothar Krombholz, Frühe Hausuhren mit Gewichtsantrieb, München, 1984.

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