LANTERN CLOCK Signed: Tho Wheeler Londini Circa 1665 England

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Signed: Tho Wheeler Londini
Circa 1665

This lovely weight-driven lantern clock has a movement constructed between vertical bars, the going train has a verge escapement with a short pendulum. The striking train strikes the hours fully on a bell and has a passing stroke every half hour.

The engraved brass dial plate has a Roman chapter ring with half hour markers in the shape of ace of clubs and quarter divisions on the inside. The time is indicated by a single pierced steel hand. Behind the hand is an Arabic alarm disc. The maker has signed the clock below the middle of the dial Tho Wheeler Londini. Above the middle the dial is embellished by tulip engravings.

The brass case has the classical shape of a lantern clock with two doors on the sides. The corners have pillars, the tops end in shaped finials whilst at the bottom there are drop finials. Between the finials there are pierced and engraved dolphin frets. The bell is mounted in a bell strap which is attached to the tops of the finials and is surmounted by a similarly shaped finial.

Duration 1 day

Height: 21 cm.
Width: 9 cm.
Depth: 10,5 cm.

Loomes, Watch and Clockmakers of the World, p. 339.

Thomas Wheeler, Londen, apprenticed in 1647, became member of the clockmakers company in 1655 and master in 1684. He died in 1694.


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