STICK BAROMETER Charles Fioronij Ca. 1830 France

Chronometers & Barometers


Signed: Charles Fioronij
Circa 1830

The register plates
The silvered brass register plates of this stick barometer, which is signed Charles Fioronij, have engraved scales with the corresponding weather conditions. The barometer scale is divided into French inches (26-30). To the right of the mercury tube is a vernier with setting hand to allow accurate reading. Opposite is an adjustable plate with the weather conditions corresponding to a particular atmospheric pressure. In this way the barometer can be used at various altitudes as the atmospheric pressure is related to the altitude at which it is measured. In the middle of the case the Torricelli tube is flanked by two thermometers, the left one with scales in Centigrade and Reaumur, the right one in Fahrenheit and Reaumur.

The solid mahogany case is surmounted by a broken architectural top with mouldings. There is a brass sphere with two meridians in the gap, situated on a base.

Height: 102 cm.
Width: 15 cm.
Depth: 6 cm.

*Price € 9800

– Bert Bolle, Barometers in beeld, Lochem, 1983.
– Th. H. van Cotthem, 200 Jaar Antieke Barometers 1670-1870, Schiedam, 1977, p. 147.

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