TABLE CLOCK WITH CROSS BEAT ESCAPEMENT francisco Schwartz fec. ABruxelles Ca. 1630 Southern Netherlands

Renaissance clocks


Signed francisco Schwartz fec. ABruxelles
Circa 1630
Southern Netherlands

Spring-driven brass plated fusee movement with cross-beat escapement according to Burgi’s principle; going train only. The cross-beat escapement has two arms which move in opposite directions. The two arms have silvered and engraved cherub heads at the ends. The movement is wound from the back.

The dial has a silver chapter ring with Roman hour numerals I-XII and half-hour divisions, as well as an Arabic ring 13-24. The time is indicated by a fine pair of blued steel hands. The middle is embellished with gilt brass flower.

The gilt brass portico case has pillars on the corners. The dial is situated between these pillars, flanked by two shaped finials. The arms of the escapement oscillate above the dial. The clock is surmounted by an additional, similarly shaped finial. At the back above the winding hole is a heart-shaped aperture, through which the state of winding can be observed. Next to it is a lever to set the pre-tension of the spring. The whole rests on a rectangular gilt brass base, which is engraved in typically Brussels Renaissance motifs. The front has a silver plaque on which the maker has signed the clock as follows francisco Schwartz fec. ABruxelles.

Duration 1 day

Height 19 cm.
Width 9.5 cm.
Depth 4 cm.

The maker
Franciscus Schwartz, Brussels, was originally from Germany, Austria or Bohemia and worked with Jost Burgi in Kassel and/or Prague.

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