TELLERUHR Adam Glücks Augusta Ca. 1675 Augsburg, Germany

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Signed: Adam Glücks Augusta
Circa 1675
Augsburg, Germany

The spring-driven gilt brass plated movement has a going train only, with a spring barrel, chain fusee, verge escapement and balance wheel. The clock is wound from the back. There is a graduated silvered brass regulation device on the backplate 1-6 with a blued steel hand. The maker has signed the movement as follows: Adam Glücks Augusta, surrounded by engraved scroll motifs.

The clock has a gilt brass dial plate on which at the top is a vertical balance behind a beautifully pierced and engraved gilt brass balance cock. The time is indicated on a ‘wandering hours’ dial; the top half has a semi-circular aperture behind which an engraved gilt disc revolves, showing a Roman hour numeral. The top of the centre has a semi-circular Arabic five-minute track. There is a blued-steel hand in the middle indicating the minutes. The quarters are indicated on an Arabic ring (1-4 twice) by the blued steel hand. The centre is beautifully engraved and engine-turned. Around the centre is a prominent chased and engraved silver surround depicting floral and leaf motifs.

The movement is situated in a small iron casing behind the dial. The movement is protected by a door with a winding hole. At the top is a suspension eye to hang the clock on the wall. The back is painted around the movement casing, depicting leaf and vine motifs.

Duration 1 day

Diameter 16 cm.
Including the suspension eye 22.5 cm.

Literature: J. Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst, p. 185.

The maker
Adam Glück worked as independent clockmaker in Augsburg from 22 November 1671. There are various clock by his hand in museums, e.g. the British Museum in London. He died in 1682.

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