VERTICAL TABLE CLOCK Türmchenuhr Ca. 1560

Renaissance clocks


Circa 1560

The iron spring-driven, day-going double-fusee movement of this small table clock, a so-called Türmchenuhr, is constructed between bars. It consists of going and striking trains. The going train has a spring barrel, gut fusee and verge escapement with balance situated under the bell with hog’s bristle regulation. The striking is controlled by a countwheel and indicates the hours fully on the bell.

The engraved gilt-brass dial has a chapter ring with Roman hour numerals (I-XII) with touch pins, half-hour and Arabic hour (13-24) divisions. The time is indicated by a single shaped blued-steel hand. The centre is engraved depicting a rose.

The engraved firegilt brass case of this lovely clock has a moulding at about 1/3 of the height. Above this moulding are engravings of men in suits of armour with shields on three sides, whilst below there are cartouches with various scenes. The clock is wound from the back. The moulded top plate has four turned finials on the corners whilst the bell is surmounted by a similar finial. The clock rests on a moulded base. The case consists of two parts which can be separated by pulling the lower part from the movement with dial and top plate with the bell. The movement rests on four steel feet which are an integral part of the clock frame.

Duration  24 hours

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Height 14 cm
Width 7 cm
Depth 7 cm

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