TURMUHR Ca. 1630 Germany

Renaissance clocks


Circa 1630

Movement with vertical verge escapement and balance. The striking train on count wheel striking the hours on a bell. Alarm. Going and striking trains are driven by barrel with fusee, the alarm is driven by barrel.

The front side has two dials. The large dial with silvered chapterring indicates the hours with roman numerals and arrow-head half hour indicators. The hour hand is made of fire-gilt brass. Fire-gilt alarm disc with arabic hour numerals. The back side of the hand indicates the alarm hour. The smaller silvered dial has roman quarter numerals, a fire-gilt brass hand and an engraved star in the center.
The dial on the back side indicates the striking hours with a fire-gilt hand and arabic numerals. Two winding holes.

The case is made of fire-gilt brass. Pillars in the corners, engravures on the basement. Two sides with glazed windows. On top a dome with the bell, pinnacles and balustrades. Four feet.

Duration 24 hours
Dimensions 30 x 14,5 x 14,5 cm.

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