TURMUHR Hans Wilhelm Kerler Solothurn Ca. 1580 Switzerland

Renaissance clocks


Signed Hans Wilhelm Kerler Solothurn
Circa 1580

Gilt brass plated movement with vertical verge escapement and balance. Going train with vertical verge escapement and pendulum. The striking train with count-wheel strikes the hours on a bell. The countwheel is placed under the bel. The going and striking trains are driven by a barrel with fuse. The movement is signed: Hans Wilhelm Kerler Solothurn.

Round silver dial with roman hour numerals and half hour markers. Blued steel hour hand.

The hexagonal case is made of gilt brass. Three sides has a silver mask. On the frieze at the top of the clock the engraved text IN/DO/MI/NO/CON/FI/DO ( = I put my trust in the Lord). The case is crowned by a dome. The dome is fantastic pierced and under the dome the bell is placed. A profiled pinnacle on top of the case. The clock rests on six feet. On the front is a small slide for switching on or off the striking train.

Duration 24 hours

Height 15 cm.
Diameter 8 cm.

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J. Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst, p. 281

The maker Hans Wilhelm Kärler was active as a clockmaker in Solothurn Switzerland (north-east of Neuchatel). There were generations of clockmakers with this surname in Solothurn, who were related.

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