WALL CLOCK miniature Ca. 1750

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WALL CLOCK miniature
Circa 1750

The weight-driven, 24-hour movement is constructed between rectangular iron plates. It consists of going and striking alarm trains. The going train has verge escapement with a short front pendulum, a so-called Kuhschwanzpendel (cow’s tail pendulum).

The green velvet covered iron dial plate has a Roman silvered brass chapter ring with half-hour markers and quarter-hour divisions. There is an Arabic alarm disc in the middle. The time is indicated by a single pierced and engraved brass hand. The dial is surmounted by a beautiful gilt-lacquered pierced and engraved brass fret depicting a crown and scrolling leaf motifs.

The movement is situated in an iron case behind the dial plate. It has painted doors to the sides and is surmounted by a bell for the alarm.
Duration 24 hours

Height 11 cm
Width 7 cm
Depth 6 cm

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