ALTARUHR Punchmark G.S. (Georg Schmidt) Ca. 1615

Renaissance clocks Specials


Punchmark G.S. (Georg Schmidt)
Circa 1615

The Altartype case with architectural pediment and fluted tapering columns, with projecting scrolls to the sides mounted with gilt-brass finials, a key drawer below the dial and on outswept plinth, the sliding movement cover with four iron corner latches and with iron door painted with scene of a cavalier, with iron hoop integral to the top-mounted bell stand and with spikes below, the bell itself with engraved four-leaf brass mount and brass spike finial.

The gilt-brass dial with engraved spandrels and twice XII chapter ring, with inner 24-hour chapters and outer minutes calibrated at intervals of five, centered by discs showing a penny moon phase and with engraved aspect line-scheme, outer age of moon indication, single steel minute hand, and ‘sun’ hour hand incorporated with the moon disc, quarter indication.

The one day movement with rectangular plates joined by four fronton-pinned square section pillars, twin fixed barrels with rear wind, with re-instated steel verge balance and stackfreed, the latter with engraved cam and pivoted regulation lever with dot calibration, recessed steel calibrated countwheel for hour strike on bell above, the maker’s cartouche stamp GS positioned within the pierces and engraved double scroll strike indicator with stylized hand pointer; winding key.

Duration: 24 hours
Height: 41 cm.
Width: 31 cm.
Depth: 10,5 cm.

G.S., Georg Schmidt:
Schmidt, Georg, Augsburg, Germany. Clockmaker born circa 1581, married 7th January 1608 with the widow of Hans Fronmiller. Schmidt died 8th November 1630.

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