Renaissance clocks


Circa 1580

The spring-driven day-going movement of this monstrance clock has going and striking trains, constructed between circular brass plates. The spring barrels are engraved and firegilt, depicting scroll motifs. The going train has verge escapement and a balance wheel. The striking train, regulated by a numbered countwheel, indicates the hours on a bell.

The embellished engraved silver centre has touch pins. Around this centre is and engraved gilt-brass chapter ring with Arabic hour numerals 13-24, which is surrounded by a Roman chapter ring I-XII, with half hour divisions in the shape of a floral motif. The Roman numerals have touch pins, so that the time can also be established in the dark. The dial is set in a firegilt cast brass bezel. The time is indicated by a single gilt-brass hour hand.

The firegilt cast brass case has a circular moulded base on which the monstrance is situated. The movement is housed in a drum-shaped case behind the dial. The rear side of this case is formed by a beautifully engraved lid, in which there are two winding holes. The side is pierced which serves as a sound fret. Left and right are two lion heads. The clock is surmounted by a figure in the shape of a warrior. The whole rests on three firegilt cast brass feet in the shape of lying lions.

Duration 24 hours

Height 40 cm
Diameter base  17,5 cm
Width 20 cm


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