NIGHT CLOCK Ca. 1750 Switzerland

Mantel clocks



Circa 1750

This Swiss night clock has an eight-day, spring-driven brass movement with circular plates and going and striking trains. The going train has verge escapement with a short silk-suspended pendulum, whilst the striking train indicates the hours fully on a bell to the side of the movement. It can be repeated at will by pulling a chord. In addition there is a strike/silent lever. Both trains are driven by a single barrel.

The circular pierced silvered-brass dial, which is attached to a three-spoke support, rotates on a dial plate. The latter has a glazed aperture, behind which a light or a candle can be positioned. As the Roman hour numerals are pierced, as well as the half-hour and quarter-hour markers, the time can be read in the dark. The time is indicated by the bill of a pierced diving bird, which is flanked by cast-brass dragons, set in scroll and leaf motifs. The top fret is counterbalanced by a similar ornament below the dial.

The case of the night clock is constructed between iron top and bottom plates which hold a brass housing with doors to the sides, the whole behind the dial. The case rests on three shaped cast-brass feet.

Duration 8 days

Height 34.5 cm
Width 19 cm
Depth 13 cm.

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