RACK CLOCK Ca. 1760 Germany

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Circa 1760

The day-going movement is constructed between circular plates and has verge escapement with a short front pendulum, a so-called Kuhschwanzpendel (‘cow’s tail’). The clock is driven by its own weight and is wound by sliding it up the rack, after which it runs down again.

The circular white enamel dial is set in a gilt wooden surround and has a Roman chapter ring with Arabic quarter-hour, five minute and minute divisions. The time is indicated by a pair of pierced brass hands.

The case consists of a long back board, which is painted green and has a moulding accentuated by gold-leaf. The iron rack is mounted on this board. It is surmounted by a gilt cast-brass flame finial. The movement is situated behind an almost symmetrically carved gold-leaf gilded wooden front. At the bottom of the backboard a gilt carved Chronos figure sits on a bracket, leaning on a sphere.
Duration: 24 hours

Height 80 cm
Width 11 cm
Diameter 9 cm

Chronos is a figure in Greek mythology personifying time.

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