RACK CLOCK Ca. 1780 South-Germany

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Circa 1780

The circular brass movement of this rack clock has a going train with verge escapement and front pendulum, a so-called Kuhschwanzpendel (‘cow-tail pendulum’). The going train is wound by moving the clock up. Subsequently the movement runs down a brass rack.
The circular white enamel dial has a Roman chapter ring with Arabic five-minute and minute divisions. The time is indicated by a fine pair of pierced brass hands.

The brass rack is mounted on a carved polychrome painted gilt wooden backboard along which the movement runs down. The top is surmounted by a gilt wooden ornament, whist the rack itself is embellished by a gilt brass finial with pearl string. The symmetrical gilt wooden clock case is embellished by gold-leaf covered carvings in the shape of scrolling leaf motifs, bunches of grapes, wreaths and floral rosettes.
Duration one day

Height 73 cm.
Width 11 cm.
Depth 10 cm.

A similar clock is depicted in Tardy, French Clocks – The World Over, vol. 4, Paris, 1985, p. 280.

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