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At Mentink & Roest we stand for quality and craftsmanship. We are specialized in renaissance-clocks and clocks from the 16th till 19th century. You can come to us for more than just purchasing an antique clocks. Are you wondering what we can offer you? On this page we will tell you all about it.

Brokerage for purchasing

Are you considering the purchase of an antique clock or scientific instrument? With our years of experience and expertise we are more than happy to guide and advice you on this process. This will ensure that you can make the right decision without worrying.

Has one of our clocks, barometers or scientific instruments caught your eye and are you considering to purchase one of these items? In consultation we will show the desired item at your home, so you can see if it fits in your interior. When purchased we install it for you. We are always searching for rare clocks, barometer and scientific instruments. If you want to sell one of your special pieces or your entire collection you can contact us.

Visit our our page ‘ brokerage for purchasing‘  for a full description and all the possibilities or contact us directly.

Restoration and maintenance

Mentink & Roest can restore and maintain your clocks, barometers and fine mechanical instruments. We treat each item with care and restore them following the highest international acknowledged standards. For the total restoration of a clock we have a large network of experts available. More information about this service is available on our page ‘ restoration and maintenance‘ or make an appointment.

Mentink & Roest restauratie

Moon phases

Are you in the possession of an antique clock that tells you the different phases of  the moon? To make sure that it shows the correct phase of the moon we offer you a webpage which shows you the correct phase of the moon.


Every antique clock is unique and is full of beautiful details. words wont do these details any justice. From a special selection of clocks have told their story through video. Experience these special clocks in a new way.