It is never easy to entrust a precious belonging to someone else for restoration or maintenance. Unless, of course, you know that the person concerned is aware of its unique value and will treat it with the utmost care. We regard it as a privilege that people entrust us with the most precious clocks, barometers and scientific instruments in the world.

Since the company was founded in 1989, Mentink & Roest have had its own restoration workshop where clocks are repaired and restored with the utmost precision. We comply with the highest international standards. All our restoration work revolves around the specific item concerned. We take its history into account and focus on keeping and restoring the clock’s authenticity, always trying to retain the original intention of the clockmaker.

Respect for the natural ageing process of materials is an important criterion when dealing with antiques. Our customers include museum curators, collectors and private individuals. We have a huge network of experts to help us with the total overhaul of a clock.

A typical scene in Menno Hoencamp’s workshop at Mentink & Roest.

Restoration and maintenance in practice

We will consult with you about our suggestions and the price for restoring or servicing your clock after we have inspected it. You will receive a brief report once we have finished the work. A more detailed report can be drawn up on request.

One of the hallmarks of the way Menno Hoencamp and Laura Brenkman run their establishment is meticulousness. Laura knows from experience how important this is: “If you think about it, we’re the temporary guardians of a piece of cultural heritage.”

“If you think about it, we’re the temporary guardians of a piece of cultural heritage.” – Laura Brenkman


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