About us

Mentink & Roest have a worldwide reputation for their exceptional collection of antique clocks, barometers and scientific instruments of museum quality. We recognise authenticity and quality and are known for our craftsmanship and expertise. Discretion and integrity run in our blood.

Our company is based in a village called Ingen in the Betuwe area of the Netherlands. We deal in all types of top quality clocks from the 16th   onwards and specialise in Renaissance clocks. We have our own restoration workshop, so all of our items are in mint condition. Mentink & Roest guarantee items of timeless beauty.

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We like to offer our customers craftsmanship in every facet of antique timepieces. In our line of business, experience and expertise are a matter of major importance. You can trust us to carry out the following services:


Collection and service

Whether you are looking for an extremely rare timepiece to expand your collection, or want to buy a clock to complement your home, we are here to help you. We can find longcase clocks, bracket clocks, Hague clocks, Religieuses, console and cartel clocks, barometers, pendulum clocks, travel clocks, wall clocks, chronometers, lantern clocks, Renaissance clocks and watches for you.

Mentink & Roest is proud of their service. We are keen to forge close and durable ties with our international clientele, which include museum curators and seasoned collectors, as well as more novice buyers.

Every year, we attend all the leading art and antiques fairs, such as Pan Amsterdam and TEFAF Maastricht.  We are also affiliated to the KVHOK (Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands) and CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’ Arts).

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Past and present

Our firm was founded in 1989 by Theo Mentink and Bert Roest. Menno Hoencamp has overseen the day-to-day operations since 2008.

Theo Mentink and Bert Roest both worked as restores rare antique clocks for the best clock businesses in the Netherlands. One of these businesses was Stender, a name that was well-known in the 1970s and 80s. Passionate about their trade, they jointly established Mentink & Roest in Vught in 1989. They both had a good eye for special clocks and their partnership thrived.

Mentink & Roest’s reputation soon grew. Their clocks found their way to every corner of the world. The focus was – and still is – on rarity, authenticity and quality.

Menno Hoencamp

Menno Hoencamp was intrigued by clocks from a very early age. He particularly enjoyed taking clocks apart with his grandfather, who was an engineer, to find out how they worked. He decided to make a career of his passion.

“The amount of craftsmanship that goes into a clock is simply breathtaking.” – Menno Hoencamp

After studying to become a precision mechanic and instrument maker in Leiden, Hoencamp completed his degree at the famous West Dean College in England, where he trained to restore clocks, watches, barometers and scientific instruments to the highest level imaginable. After graduating, Menno Hoencamp went to London to work for David Newell Clocks, where he spent four years restoring rare and exclusive clocks for private customers, auction houses, the National Trust and the Wallace Collection.

On his return to the Netherlands, Menno set up his own restoration business, working in association with Mentink & Roest. In 2008, he took over the day-to-day running from the founders, thereby safeguarding the continuity. Mentink & Roest moved to a monumental manor house in the village of Ingen in the Betuwe.

As well as being a passionate restorer, Menno Hoencamp is also a certified valuer (and Registered Valuer) of antique timepieces.

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