CARRIAGE CLOCK Admyrault le Jeune AParis Ca. 1770 France

Carriage clocks


Signed: Admyrault le Jeune AParis
Circa 1770

The round brass-plated movement has a ‘Chevalier de Betume’- escapement with pendulum. The striking train, with a countwheel on the back plate, strikes every hour the number of hours and every half hour one time on a bell. On the back-plate the signature Admyrault le Jeune Aparis is engraved.

The round white enamel dial has black enameled Roman numerals for the hour-indication and Arabic numerals for the five-minute-indicati¬on. It also has Arabic numerals for the date-indication. In the centre there are two fire-gilt brass open-worked and engraved hands for the minutes and hours and one iron hand for the date. The centre has also the enameled signature Admyrault le Jeune AParis.

The case is made of fire-gilt brass. Both open-worked sides have ‘fleur de quadrie’. The case is crowned by a fire-gilt handle and on each corner a fire-gilt pine-cone. The front and both sides of the case are decorated with rosettes. The dialplate is protected by a convex glass in a fire-gilt lunette.
Duration 1 week

Height 28 cm
Depth 9,5 cm
Width 17 cm

-Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français, page 3. Author: Tardy.
Admyrault le Jeune
Nicolas Admyrauld/Admyrault/Admiraud le Jeune became ‘fils de Maitre’ in 1764, Rue St. Martin in Paris. In 1765 he checked the clock of the Bastille.

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