CARRIAGE CLOCK ‘HUMP BACK’ L. Leroy & Cie, 7 B.d de la Madeleine Paris 20492 Ca. 1900 France

Carriage clocks


Signed and numbered: L. Leroy & Cie, 7 B.d de la Madeleine Paris 20492
Circa 1900

The spring-driven movement consists of going and striking trains, as well as an alarm. The going train has an English lever escapement with adjustable hairspring balance on a platform, mounted across the top of the plates. The striking indicates the hours fully and the half hours with one stroke on a gong. The backplate is signed and numbered L. Leroy & Cie, 7, Bd de la Madeleine Paris 20492. The clock is wound from this side. In additions the hands can be set and the regulation operated.

The arched silvered and engine-turned dial has an Arabic chapter ring and a minute ring with stripes. The time is indicated by a pair of blued hands. The small alarm dial has Arabic numeral and a blued steel hand. The maker has signed the dial below the as follows L. Leroy & Cie, 7, Bd de la Madeleine Paris .

The arched firegilt case rests on four bun feet. The dial is protected by a facetted glass set is a moulded frame. The case is surmounted by a shaped carrying handle.

Duration 1 week.

Height 14,5 cm.
Width 8,5 cm.
Depth 6 cm.

*Price € 12500

Tardy, Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français, Paris, 1971, p. 409.

The makers
L. Leroy & Cie was founded in the year 1888 wheoen Jules Desfontaines and Leroy & Fils (managed by Louis Leroy) merged. In 1901 the company moved to the Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris.

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