Clock with letter writing set, Meyrat et Comp A GENEVE Ca. 1810



Clock with letter writing set
Signed: Meyrat et Comp A GENEVE
Circa 1810

The spring-driven firegilt brass movement consists of a going train with verge escapement and hairspring balance under a beautifully pierced bridge with regulation. It has a chain fusee and a spring in a spring barrel and is wound from the front. The backplate is signed by the maker in the following manner: Meyrat et Comp A GENEVE.

The circular, white enamel dial has an Arabic chapter ring with Arabic quarter and minute divisions. The time is indicated by a pair of pierced brass hands. The winding hole is situated near the 2, whilst there is countersunk regulation screw near the 12. The middle of the dial is signed by the maker in a fine script: Meyrat et Comp A GENEVE.

The fine firegilt case is engraved and partly engine-turned. The movement is housed in a barrel-shaped drum, which rest on two pillars. There is a pierced and worked ornament suspended from the bottom. There are two crystal vases, each with a lid. The one on the left serves as an inkpot, whilst the other is a sander. The two other vessels are a mixing bowl and a feather holder. The clock is surmounted by a disc on which the winding key can be put.

Duration 1 day.

Height 16.5 cm.
Diameter base 10 cm.

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