CRUCIFIX CLOCK Ca. 1600 Germany

Renaissance clocks


Circa 1600                                                                                                  Germany

Movement                                                                                                                                                                            The spring-driven, day-going movement of this crucifix clock is constructed between gilt-brass plates. It consists of going and striking trains. The going train has a spring barrel, stackfreed and verge escapement with balance. It can be adjusted by a steel regulator pin on an index with Arabic numerals. The striking indicates the hours fully on a bell.

The crucifix is surmounted by an engraved gilt brass sphere with a revolving silver chapter ring with Arabic hour numerals. The time is indicated by a fixed blued-steel hand.

The engraved firegilt case of this crucifix clock has a base in which the movement is housed. It has a pierced gallery all around which serves as sound frets for the bell. The cross is situated on this base and carries a Jesus figure. It is flanked by two other figures, depicting Mary and the disciple John. There is a skull in front of the cross, a symbol of vanity. Below the sphere is a plaque with the letters INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum – Jesus King of the Jews). The movement can be accessed by opening the hinged base plate of the cross with a catch. The clock rests on three bun feet.

Duration 24 hours

Height 32 cm
Diameter 14.5 cm

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