GILT SILVER COACH WATCH Francois Norry a Gisors Ca. 1650 France



Signed: Francois Norry a Gisors
Circa 1650

The spring-driven movement is constructed between two fire-gilt brass plates which are connected by pillars and consists of going, striking and alarm trains. The going train has a spring barrel, chain fusee and a verge escapement with balance. The striking mechanism, controlled by a count wheel, has a pierced and engraved spring barrel and indicates the hours fully on a bell. The backplate shows the winding squares, the beautifully pierced and engraved balance cock and the regulation of the going train. The maker signed the watch on the edge of the back plate with elegant letters: François Norry A Gisors.

The circular, silver chapter ring has black Roman hour numerals and half-hour markers between the hour numerals. In the centre is a fire-gilt alarm disc with a blued steel alarm hand and Arabic hour numerals with half-hour markers. The centre of the alarm clock disc is beautifully engraved with scroll and floral motifs. The time is indicated by a very beautiful, blued steel pointer mounted on the edge of the alarm disc.

The movement is housed in a richly decorated, fire-gilt silver case that is pierced and engraved all around in floral and leaf motifs. A family coat of arms is engraved on the side carried by two figures, while three putti are depicted on the back. The dial is protected by a convex glass in a bezel, with a clasp at the bottom to open the case. When this case is opened, a small catch is visible with which the hinged movement can be rotated out of the case. The bell is attached to the inside of the case. There is a moulded support with a suspension ring at the top of the case.

Duration: 24 hours
Diameter 9 cm.

Tardy, Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français, p. 490.

The maker
There are several watches with the signature “François Norry” known, only Tardy mentions the first name Nicolas (erroneously?) on page 490 in the Dictionnaire des Horlogers Français. There is also a photo of a coach watch signed “N. Norry à Gisors” auctioned at Bloch-Pimentel in 1961. The signature is not visible.

The coat of arms on the back of this watch is most likely that of the Roussel family in Artois.

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