KUHSCHWANZPENDEL dated 1798 Austria

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Dated 1798

The clock has a weight-driven iron birdcage movement with going and striking trains, as well as alarm. The going train has verge escapement with a short front pendulum (Kuhschwanzpendel). The rack striking indicates the hours fully on a bell. The alarm is set with a brass alarm disc behind the hand, the alarm time being indicated by the tail of the hour hand.

The polychrome iron dial has a black chapter ring with Roman hour numerals and half-hour and Roman quarter-hour divisions. The time is indicated by a fine pair of pierced and engraved brass hands, behind which the alarm disc is situated, which has Arabic hour numerals. At the top of the dial the year 1798 is painted.

The iron case for the movement has doors on both sides. The bell is mounted on top of the case and the whole is hidden by the dial. The pendulum, which has a brass bob, swings in front of the dial.

Duration 12 hours
Height 28 cm.
Width 20 cm.
Depth 6.5 cm.

W.F.J. Hana, Middeneuropese klokken.

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