MANTEL CLOCK ’KEYHOLE’ with remontoir Ca. 1810 France

Mantel clocks


Circa 1810

The spring-driven brass skeletonised movement consists of going and striking trains. The going train has pinwheel escapement and an impressive pendulum with a prominent bob. The striking is regulated by a count wheel and indicates the hours fully and the half hours with one stroke on a bell. In addition, the striking has a remontoir system, wound by the going train. The bell is positioned horizontally beneath the movement.

The clock has an annular white enamel dial with a black Arabic chapter ring with Arabic quarter-hour, five-minute and minute divisions. The ring is surrounded on the in and outside by engine-turned gilt brass bezels. The time is indicated by a pair of pierced blued steel hands. The winding hole for the going train is in the chapter ring under the 6.

The brass ‘keyhole’ skeleton is situated on a white marble base, which rests on four gilt brass bun feet.

Duration 1 week

Height 39 cm.
Width 21 cm.
Depth 9 cm.

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