MANTEL CLOCK EMPIRE ‘Cercle tournant’ Ca. 1800 France


Circa 1800

The eight-day spring-driven movement, which is situated in the base of the case, has a going train only. It has cylinder escapement with hair-spring balance and regulation.

The gilt-brass revolving chapter ring (cercle tournant) of this mantel clock has Roman hour numerals with half-hour divisions, the time being indicated by the head and tongue of a fixed gilt-brass hand in the shape of a snake.

The case of the mantel clock consists of a black marble triangular base with hollow sides, one with the winding hole. The triangle is surmounted by a smaller similar shaped gilt-brass triangle with relief panels to the sides, depicting mythological scenes. On the corners are three sitting gilt-brass griffons. The patinated cast-bronze middle depicts the three graces with their backs against each other. They carry a Blue-John marble cup, which has the gilt brass revolving chapter ring at the upper edge. It is driven by a mechanism connected to the movement in the base and running through the middle part. The clock is surmounted by a gilt-brass and Blue John lid with a knob in the shape of a stylised lotus. The hole rests on three engine-turned ball feet.

Duration 1 week

*Price on request

Height 51.5 cm
Diameter 20.5 cm

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