RACK CLOCK Ca. 1780 France

Watches & Varia


Circa 1780

The circular brass movement has a going train with horizontal verge escapement and a short pendulum. It is wound by pushing the movement down along the vertical rack. Because of the tension in the spring created this way, the movement climbs up the rack when running.

The circular white enamel dial has an Arabic chapter ring with five-minute and minute divisions. The time is indicated by a fine pair of pierced gilt brass hands.

The circular dial is set in a gilt brass surround consisting of a sunburst pattern, an engine-turned pearl string and various other motifs. The rack is surmounted by a finial, whilst the whole rests on a gold-leaf covered fluted pillar with base, which in its turn stands on a cylindrical platform.

Duration: 1 day

Height: 33 cm.
Diameter base: 14 cm.





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