RACK CLOCK Mosbrucker A Saverne Ca. 1780 France



Signed: Mosbrucker A Saverne
Circa 1780

Circular, brass plated movement with horizontal verge escapement and pendulum. The barrel is winded up by pushing the movement downwards. The movement ascends the vertical rack standard.

The white enamel, circular dial plate has a Roman chapter ring with Arabic numerals for the five minutes and minute divisions. The maker has signed the dial in the middle Mosbrucker A Saverne. The time is indicated by a fine pair of pierced and engraved gilt brass hands.

There is a laurel garland around the dial, with a bow at the bottom. This is surrounded by a garland of flowers. The decoration on top has several love symbols, like Cupid, kissing a dove. There is a quiver with arrows, belonging to the god of love Amor and the burning torch. The brass rack is standing on a wooden basement, pasted over with gold-leaf.

Duration 1 day.
Height 34 cm.
Diameter 14 cm.

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Mosbrucker worked in Saverne the second half of the 18th century.

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