SCULPTED WOODEN LOUIS XVI CARTEL CLOCK Ca. 1770 The Netherlands/Switzerland

Oeil de boeuf & Cartel clocks


Circa 1770
The Netherlands/Switzerland

This elegantly sculpted wooden Louis XVI cartel clock has a Swiss brass movement, driven by two springs in spring barrels, consists of going and striking trains. It is numbered 7186. The going train has verge escapement with a short pendulum. The striking train is of the Dutch-striking type, i.e. the hours are fully indicated on a bell of lower pitch, whilst the half hours are struck on a higher-pitched bell, the number of strokes being that of the hour to follow.

The circular white enamel dial has a Roman chapter ring with Arabic five-minute and minute divisions. The winding holes are at the level of the VIII and IIII with a regulation square under the XII. The time is indicated by a pair of exceptionally fine pierced period gilt brass hands embellished by sun motifs.

The Dutch sculpted gilt-wooden case has a convex glass set in a brass bezel, surrounded by a wooden pearl string. The symmetrical case, which is partly painted in an olive green colour, is surrounded by delicately sculpted wooden leaf and vine shapes. There are sound frets to the sides of the case.

Duration: 1 week

Height: 67 cm.
Width: 46 cm.
Depth: 14 cm.

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