STICKBAROMETER Cha.s Tarelli Warrented Ca. 1820 England

Chronometers & Barometers


Signed: Cha.s Tarelli Warrented
Circa 1820

The register case
The silvered brass register plate has black lacquered scales and inscriptions. On the left the Fahrenheit thermometer scale. On the right, below the engraved signature Cha.s Tarelli Warrented, the barometer scale 27 to 31 inch with a nonius for more accuracy.

The case
The mahogany veneered and glazed case with lemon wood inlaid borders. The round cistern cover protecting the reservoir. The barometer is crowned with a broken pediment with a brass vase.

Height: 97 cm.
Width: 13 cm.
Depth: 7 cm.

E. Banfield, Barometer makers and retailers 1660-1900, p. 212.

The maker
Charles Tarelli is mentioned in Banfield as a barometermaker.

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