TURMUHR Ulrich Marquart Ca. 1560 Germany

Renaissance clocks


Signed: Ulrich Marquart
Circa 1560

Turmuhr with an iron pillar plated movement on verge escapement with balance. The movement with striking work, striking the hours and quarters on two bells, and alarm. The going and striking work and alarm are driven by barrel.

The dial from this exceptional turmuhr has a silver ring with twice the Roman numerals I-XII for the hours with touch pieces and the inner ring with Arabic hour numerals 1 – 24. In the centre of the dial-plate the brass fire gilt alarm disc with engraved Arabic numerals and an engraved sun. The outer brass and fire gilt ring has the minute indication 3-6-9-….-60. The hour and minute hands are made of blued steel The master clockmaker has the dial signed  Ulrich Marquart. On the back side a silver dial with a calendar.

The case
The brass fire gilt chased case with cherubs, caryatids and lions. On top a woman figure.

Duration: 24 hours

Height 27 cm.
Width 16 cm.
Depth 11,5 cm

Jürgen Abeler, Meister der Uhrmacherkunst, blz. 413.

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