MINIATURE LANTERNCLOCK Will.m Allam London Ca. 1760 England

Lantern clocks


Signed: Will.m Allam London
Circa 1760

The weight-driven brass movement is constructed between bars and consists of a going train and alarm. The going train has verge escapement with a short pendulum.

The arched brass dial has a silvered brass chapter ring with Roman hour numerals, as well as half-hour and quarter-hour divisions. In the arch is a silvered circular plague with the engraved signature of the maker: Will.m. Allam London. There are engravings depicting leafy vines and scrolls around this plaque and the chapter ring. Behind the hand is a silvered alarm disc with Arabic hour numerals and half-hour divisions. The time is indicated by a single pierced blued steel hand. The alarm time is shown on the alarm disc by the tail of the hand.

The brass case has doors on both sides and is hidden by the dial. The bell for the alarm is mounted with a single bell strap on the case behind the arch.

Duration: one day

Height 12 cm.
Width 7.5 cm.
Depth 8 cm.

Brian Loomes, Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World, p. 11.

The maker
William Allam was active as a clockmaker in Bond Street, London. He was a member of the Clockmakers’ Company from 1743-1785.



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